MON 7 SEP | 7:30pm


18 mins 


Mandarin with English & Chinese subtitles 

Directed by Png Zhen Yu  

*To be screened together with A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS

*There will be a post-screening discussion with the film director at the end of the Premiere

**After the Premiere, the film continues to be available for online viewing until 13 September 2020, 11:59pm.


The film follows a single mum, Liping, who is affected by her son’s decision to ordain as a monk. When reality kicks in the day before her son’s ordination, Liping’s fear of loneliness becomes prominent as her son prepares to embark on a new journey as a monastic. She begins to cast doubts on her faith and struggles to choose between letting go or holding on to the attachment to her son in his path of seeking enlightenment.



Png Zhen Yu is a director whose works often revolve around human perception and values. He is a graduate from Nanyang Technological University, with a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Filmmaking). His experience includes working on corporate videos, short films and commercials. His notable works include Mobile Love Van which attained Gold for Directing at the Singapore Crowbar Awards 2013 and Love in a Convenience Store, a commissioned short film for the Singapore Silver Arts Festival 2018. Zhen Yu recently completed Way Back When a 5-episode mini-series for Viddsee.

方正易的作品着重于人的感知和价值观。他毕业于南洋理工大学电影系,编导制作的作品包括企业宣传片、小品短片及广告片。其中值得关注的作品包括 2013年新加坡撬棍奖以指导得金奖的《愛情貨車》,以及 2018年新加坡 “艺悦乐龄” 艺术节受委托而制作的《愛在便利店》。正易最近也为网络短片平台 Viddsee 编导与制作了一出 5 集长的迷你连续剧《任性的時光》


In a culture that defines success with ‘Number One’s, ‘A’s and ‘First’s, Singaporeans are competitive and have a “Kiasu” (fear of losing out) mentality. Parents invest heavily in private tuition classes for their children, hoping that they will have an edge over their peers and be a high achiever.

High achievers typically seek wealth in order to amass material possessions. These materialistic attachments eventually become sentimental attachments that are difficult to let go of. The failure to see such attachments as sufferings that we carry upon ourselves, weigh us down in the form of the three unwholesome roots in Buddhism (ignorance, attachments and aversion), or the 7 deadly sins in Christianity (pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth).

Being constantly pressured to keep up with the Joneses, we’ve become blinded by our own ridiculous expectations, creating a never-ending cycle to feed our attachments. Only when we detach ourselves from these attachments can we finally find true happiness.

BODHI is about the expectations of a single mother who struggles to let go of her son (attachment), who seeks to eventually achieve mental equanimity (detachment).

在以 “A” 和 “第一” 做成功定义的文化中,新加坡社会具竞争力,新加坡人都有 “怕输” 心态。家长投入大量资金送孩子们上私人补习班,希望他们能胜在人生起跑线上,出类拔萃,学业有成,在社会上占优势。

所谓的 ”成功人士“ 往往会追求财富和物质享受。这些唯物主义的依恋最终变成了难以摆脱的执着。这种执着终究成为自己将遭受的苦难,让其沉迷于佛教三垢(贪、嗔、痴),或基督教的七大罪(傲慢、贪婪、色欲、嫉妒、暴食、愤怒和怠惰)。


《菩提》 说的是一个单身母亲的故事 - 她对儿子的期望,还有她对儿子的选择的释怀


  • Official Selection, Austin Asian American Film Festival, 2020
  • Official Selection, Golden Harvest Awards, 2020
  • Official Selection, Jaipur International Film Festival, 2019
  • Official Selection, Picasso Einstein Buddha International Film Festival, 2019

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Png Zhen Yu