SUN 6 SEP | 1:00pm

TAIWAN 台湾 | 2019   

71 mins  

PG13: Some Mature Content 

Mandarin with English subtitles 

Directed by Maso Chen   
导演: 陳志漢

*There will be a post-screening discussion with the film director at the end of the Premiere

**After the Premiere, the film continues to be available for online viewing until 13 September 2020, 11:59pm.


Dr. Yu-Zheng Wu has long advocated for an end to futile medical care in Taiwan, hoping to stop the suffering of patients – until he meets Jin-Yu Liu at the respiratory care center. Dr. Wu hopes to hear from Jin-Yu on the immense pain he experiences as a patient of futile medical care, but when they grow closer, the doctor suddenly finds himself wanting to help restore Jin-Yu’s will to live.

For 25 years, Wei-Wei and his mother have depended on and taken care of each other. However, his mother has an unexpected stroke and has fallen into a critical condition. When Wei-Wei knows his mother will not recover and must remain bedridden indefinitely, he plans to end her treatment and her suffering.

Jin-Yu and Wei-Wei must face a crucial stage in their lives.

Each decision could result in regret, but may also set them free.






Maso Chen is a filmmaker specialising in documentary making and cinematography. In 2008, he founded The Classic Vision Co., Ltd. with director Wu Tai-jen and released its debut film titled Let’s Fall In Love. He also won Best International Potential Prize at the CNEX Documentary Festival for the film The Silent Teacher, Chen’s feature documentary debut in 2017.

陈志汉是一位从事纪录片制作和电影摄影的电影人。 2008年,他与导演吴太仁创立了舊視界文化藝術有限公司,并发行了首部电影《尋情歷險記》。他还凭借2017年的专题纪录片首映《那個靜默的陽光午後》获得了CNEX 纪录片节的最佳国际潜力奖。


In 2013, I had a discussion with a teacher at a University about the impact of people’s end of life has on the people around them. The following year, I witnessed conflicts between father and daughter due to the health insurance system in a rural area. Following that, I continue to see more issues arising from the medical system in Taiwan, and I hope this documentary allows the audience to contemplate the implications of the existing medical care system.

The issues observed do not arise due to medical treatments themselves, hospitals’ operations, doctors’ working hours, nor the lack of health insurance. The crux of the issue lies in the fundamentals of human nature, when people are sick, and facing fear and anxiety at the brink of death; the dependence on doctors; family members’ expectation and relatives’ disappointments; and finally, the decision family members need to make on invasive treatment for their loved ones. These issues contribute to the breakdown of the entire medical system.

I will continue making films on this subject. I do not know if there is a solution to Taiwan’s medical problems, but I believe audiences may find their own outlets and answers along the way.





  • Official Selection, China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, 2019 
  • Official Entry, Taiwan International Documentary Festival, Taiwan Competition South Taiwan Film Festival, 2020

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