{Singapore Premiere}

TUE 25 SEP | 7:10pm

USA 2018
93 mins
Consumer Advice: Mature theme
English with no subtitle
Directed by Adam Sekuler



A sensitively rendered documentary looking at the life and death of Shar Jones, a transgender person living with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, and the difficult choice he and his wife Cynthia Vitale faced as the couple struggled to figure out how to proceed amidst his chaotic decline. Instead of letting his memory slip away and burdening Cynthia with years of care, the film highlights the couple’s journey as Shar pursues a conscious death. With an intimate visual style, Shar’s tale of gender identity gives his choice in death an especially telling element.


Director’s Bio

Adam Sekuler is a filmmaker, curator, educator and editor based in New Orleans. Screening in forums and film festivals throughout the United States and internationally, his many alternative films strike a delicate balance between stylisation and naturalism, creating a poetic and lyrical form of visual storytelling. He holds an MFA in Studio Arts from the University of Colorado, Boulder, is Founder and Programmer of Radar: Exchanges in Dance Film Frequencies, Associate Director of Zeitgeist Multi-disciplinary Arts Center and was Program Director for Northwest Film Forum (Seattle) for 8 years.


Director’s Statement

IIn the United States, assisted suicide isn’t available to anyone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease because the disease isn’t considered terminal. In making a decision to pursue a conscious death, I realised Shar would have the support he needed to go through with this process. The decision was sustained through a spiritual practice of Buddhism, supported by a team of hospice and palliative care doctors, and held through the process by his love for Cynthia.