{Singapore Premiere}

SUN 23 SEP | 4:00pm

USA 2017
36 mins
Burmese with English subtitles
Directed by Kim Shelton



Set at an ancient nunnery above the majestic Irrawaddy River, A Thousand Mothers is an unprecedented look into the lives of Buddhist nuns in Sagaing, Myanmar, an ancient religious region with one of the largest concentrations of monasticism in the world.  While the choices available to girls and women in Myanmar are quite limited, the film poetically unfolds to reveal unexpected opportunity and beauty as young orphans find a refuge, an education, and a healthy environment with older nuns who have dedicated their lives to service with the wit and wisdom required to live outside the pull of their rapidly modernising culture.


Director’s Bio

Kim Shelton has been making award-winning documentary films for over 30 years. Her tastes are eclectic and she has covered a very wide range of subjects from cowboys to Sudanese refugees, war veterans and now, Buddhist nuns.  Her films, A Great Wonder, Cowboy Poets, The Highly Exalted, Lost Borders and The Welcome, among others, have won numerous film festival awards, and have been broadcast internationally on POV, PBS, National Geographic, The Discovery Channel and the BBC.


Director’s Statement

On a Buddhist retreat in Myanmar, I met a young nun. Each morning we quietly walked the monastery gardens, holding hands. I wondered, “who are these women with shaved heads and pink robes?” In making this film, I was deeply moved to discover “a thousand mothers,” a remarkable community of women, living a life of service, kindness, and generosity. May they be an inspiration to you too.



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Date and Time: 23 September 2018 (Sunday) 4.15pm
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