{Singapore Premiere}

SUN 23 SEP | 4:00pm*

Taiwan 2017
70 mins
Mandarin and Tibetan with English and Chinese subtitles
Directed by Lin Li-fang 林丽芳

*There will be a post-screening discussion with the film director



Tsunma, an honorific term connoting “noble, delicate, and pure”, refers to the Tibetan Buddhist Nuns of the Himalayan Region who have been largely dismissed or forgotten by the traditions they follow and the societies they’ve served. Taiwanese photographer Lin Li-Fang undertook a solo journey up 4,270 meters into the Himalayan Plateau and lived for an entire summer with some of these nuns and recorded life in the unforgiving environment dubbed “The Roof of the World”. There, Li-Fang captured a life devoted to hope and faith and a people possessing a unique kind of tolerance, humility, and perseverance.

Director’s Bio

Lin Li-Fang was born 1965 in Taishi Township in Yunlin County of Taiwan. In 1999 she began traveling to India, documenting the life and work of Tibetan Buddhist Monks. In 2002, she received her MFA in Documentary Filmmaking from the National Taiwan University of Arts Graduate School of Applied Media Arts. In 2005, she won the Johnny Walker’s “Keep Walking” Prize. To date, she has completed the following films: Papa’s Youthful Dream, Buddha’s Sons, The Returners, and My Mother. Her films have been selected in film festivals all around the world, including France, Holland, and Japan. Tsunma, Tsunma: My Summer with the Female Monastics of the Himalaya is her newest feature length documentary.

林丽芳出生于1965年云林县台西乡,1999开始印度之旅,纪录藏传佛教僧侣在印度的学习与生活。2002 年投入纪录片创作,进入台湾艺术大学应用媒体研究所,并顺利取得MFA学位。 2005 获得Jonny Walker梦想资助计画圆梦学堂。至今作品有《阿爸的青春梦》ˋ《心子》ˋ《朝圣者》,《我的母亲》; 作品入围法国ˋ荷兰ˋ日本等多国影展。 《尊玛、尊玛:我和她们在喜马拉雅山的夏天》是她 2016 最新纪录长片作品。

Director’s Statement

Looking back, I really felt that my solo trip to the Himalayan region of India–at more than 3,700m in Ladakh and 4,250m in Spiti – to make a documentary about the Ani (nuns) has been the wildest and bravest thing I’ve done creatively.




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