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Sun 26 Sep | 12.45pm

Sat 2 Oct | 6.50pm

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Thailand | 2019 | 84 min | PG13: Some Mature Content

Thai with English subtitles

Directed by Nottapon Boonprakob

In Thailand where the major religion is Buddhism, one of the wealthiest and most controversial temples “Dhammakaya” is in crisis. Its 72-year-old abbot was charged with money laundering and receiving stolen property from one of his followers.

On June 16, 2016, the police arrived at the temple with a search warrant but faced resistance from thousands of disciples forming a human barricade, meditating to block the gate. They announced that the abbot was severely ill and would enter the judicial process only when the country returned to democracy.

COME AND SEE examines the conflict through the eyes of Bumpen, a 50-year-old woman who is now residing at the temple alongside thousands of devotees, to protect the convicted abbot from law enforcement by any means necessary.

By exploring the Dhammakaya belief system – which some Thais consider brainwashing – through the lives of current and former members, this film is the quintessential reflection on the clash in modern Thai society.

Sun 26 Sep | 12.45pm

Sat 2 Oct | 6.50pm

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Single Cinema Ticket: $13
Prices exclude SISTIC booking fees

Official Selection, Wide Angle Documentary Competition, Busan International Film Festival 2019

Post-Screening Dialogue

Come and See director Kai Nottapon Boonprakob - THIS Buddhist Film Festival

with director Nottapon Boonprakob


The Buddha and His Teachings
Author: Narada Mahathera
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Come and See director Kai Nottapon Boonprakob - THIS Buddhist Film Festival

After his graduation in 2009, Nottapon Boonprakob started his career in filmmaking by working with GTH and GDH, acclaimed film studios in Thailand. He wrote two feature film scripts; Suckseed and May Who? which are both well received at the box office and film festivals all across Asia.

His first feature documentary 2,215 won several major film awards in Thailand and it is currently screening on Netflix (global). His latest work as scriptwriter and co-director for One for the Road, a feature film produced by Wong Kar-Wai was selected in competition at Sundance Film Festival 2021.


“Ehipassiko” is a Pali word used to describe the investigative nature of Buddhism. Discouraging blind faith, the Buddha encouraged his disciples to “come and see” his teachings for themselves, to witness the fruits of this practice through direct experience. Interestingly, Dhammakaya followers always refer to this word when the outsiders challenge them to prove the authenticity of their temple. Meanwhile, during this crisis, the abbot himself avoids being investigated by the law.

Cutting through layers of self-righteous mass media and colossal propaganda from the temple, I employ documentary filmmaking as a tool to question the authenticity of organised religion while also giving a voice to believers on both sides of the conflict. Since the act of filmmaking itself is the form of observing and investigating, as a Buddhist, this film will be my implementation of the salient words of the Buddha, to “come and see”.


Donsaron Kovitvanitcha
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Zen monk meditating in a forest - The Way Out - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


Thu 30 Sep | 7pm
Sun 3 Oct | 11am

60 min | The Netherlands | PG

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh has a revolutionary proposal for facing the climate crisis: “The way out is in”.

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A young woman holding sharp tool with both hands pointing at back of a man lying down - Lost Lotus - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


星期日 9月26日 Sun 26 Sep | 3.20pm
星期三 9月29日 Wed 29 Sep | 7pm

82 min | 香港 / 荷兰 Hong Kong / The Netherlands | NC16: 些许粗俗语言 Some Coarse Language

一位年轻的中文老师正在寻找撞死了她母亲的肇事逃逸的司机。当她正在尝试理解她母亲的信仰的时候,佛教的信仰也慢慢的平复了吴玉失去母亲的伤痛 ……
A young Chinese teacher searches for the hit-and-run driver responsible for her mother’s death. As she tries to understand her mother’s faith, Buddhist principles slowly grow in her and start appeasing her pain.

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An old monk holding a Buddha statue talking to a child monk - Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


Fri 1 Oct | 6.45pm
Sun 3 Oct | 1.30pm

105 min | South Korea | M18: Mature Theme

With the dreamlike background of a monastery that stands in a forest on a pond, panoramic portraits of life flow in accordance with the four seasons.

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