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Thu 30 Sep | 7pm

Sun 3 Oct | 11am

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The Netherlands | 2018 | 60 min | PG

English with English subtitles

Directed by Wouter Verhoeven

What can we do, now that time is running out?

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh has a revolutionary proposal for facing the climate crisis. “The way out is in,” he states. “The way out of climate change is inside each of us.” His invitation is to stop: to stop running and to take a good look at what is really going on. To see what views drive our behaviour, how our thought patterns and our emotions work, and why we got into trouble with the climate in the first place. In silence, we will better understand ourselves and the Earth.

THE WAY OUT follows two young people, a Brazilian banker and a British activist, during a stressful period in their lives. Will they be able to save the Earth — beginning with(in) themselves?

Thu 30 Sep | 7pm

Sun 3 Oct | 11am

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Single Cinema Ticket: $13
Prices exclude SISTIC booking fees

Post-Screening Dialogue

The Way Out director Wouter Verhoeven - THIS Buddhist Film Festival

with director Wouter Verhoeven


Ecodharma: Buddhist Teachings for the Ecological Crisis
Author: David Loy
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The Way Out director Wouter Verhoeven - THIS Buddhist Film Festival

In 2011, after a painful relational break up, I read a book written by Thich Nhat Hanh. From the first pages on I was struck by the depth and the simplicity of the teachings on mindfulness. I could only think: the whole world should know about this. And as a filmmaker, I might be able to help spread the teachings.


I love the Plum Village community, all it stands for and all it does. Thich Nhat Hanh is the most humane human being I have met in my life. And as we need examples, inspiration and lived wisdom in our challenging times, I feel a deep aspiration to translate his teachings into film and share them with more people.


Wouter Verhoeven
Evermind Media


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A young woman holding sharp tool with both hands pointing at back of a man lying down - Lost Lotus - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


星期日 9月26日 Sun 26 Sep | 3.20pm
星期三 9月29日 Wed 29 Sep | 7pm

82 min | 香港 / 荷兰 Hong Kong / The Netherlands | NC16: 些许粗俗语言 Some Coarse Language

一位年轻的中文老师正在寻找撞死了她母亲的肇事逃逸的司机。当她正在尝试理解她母亲的信仰的时候,佛教的信仰也慢慢的平复了吴玉失去母亲的伤痛 ……
A young Chinese teacher searches for the hit-and-run driver responsible for her mother’s death. As she tries to understand her mother’s faith, Buddhist principles slowly grow in her and start appeasing her pain.

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An old monk holding a Buddha statue talking to a child monk - Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


Fri 1 Oct | 6.45pm
Sun 3 Oct | 1.30pm

105 min | South Korea | M18: Mature Theme

With the dreamlike background of a monastery that stands in a forest on a pond, panoramic portraits of life flow in accordance with the four seasons.

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Padmasambhava Buddha Statue in Karana mudra - Precious Guru - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


Sat 25 Sep | 2pm

70 min | USA | PG

PRECIOUS GURU is a feature length documentary movie that gives vivid insight into the life, times and legacy of Padmasambhava – the 8th century Indian yogi who carried Buddhism over the Himalayas into Tibet.

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