• WAKING UP 2050 - Projection of Ani Pema Deki - THIS Buddhist Film Festival
  • WAKING UP 2050 - Buddha Statue with flowers in foreground - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


Tues 26 Sep | 6.50pm

Single Cinema Ticket: $15
Prices exclude SISTIC booking fees

** This film will be screened together with GYÜTÖ


Germany | 2021 | 45 min | PG13: Some Mature Content

English with English subtitles

Directed by Ray Choo

** This film will be screened together with GYÜTÖ


What is Buddhism?

A complex question contemplated in Truth, Kindness and Beauty; Through diverse perspectives and stories of Ani Pema Deki (Emma Slade), the first western woman to be ordained in Bhutan, Kodo Nishimura, a Buddhist monk, LGBT activist and make-up artist and Prof. Daniel Veidlinger, Professor of Buddhism, in the Department of Comparative Religion and Humanities at California State University, Chico.

WAKING UP 2050 is a documentary film completed during the Covid pandemic as the graduation project of Communications Design student Ray Choo at the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin (HTW).

Bringing perspectives from the east, west and in between, Buddhism and its place and relevance in our time and even our future is discussed. Contemplating on the very nature of the path of awakening itself, reflecting on the moon that it has been pointing to through lifetimes and space.

Tues 26 Sep | 6.50pm

Single Cinema Ticket: $15
Prices exclude SISTIC booking fees

** This film will be screened together with GYÜTÖ


WAKING UP 2050 - Movie director Ray Choo - THIS Buddhist Film Festival

with director Ray Choo


WAKING UP 2050 - Movie director Ray Choo - THIS Buddhist Film Festival

Choo Hongrui was born and raised in Singapore.

He studied Communications Design in Berlin, Germany, at HTW Berlin-University of applied sciences where he had the opportunity to not only try his hand at filmmaking and storytelling but also to experience a world where Buddhism, its meanings and functions are not established. The conversation in the West is just gaining momentum and presence.

In trying to contribute to this dialogue, Hongrui redefined for himself what it actually means, to walk the path of Dharma. Through WAKING UP 2050, he met his teacher Lopen Pema Deki with whom he took his precepts and continues to study the Dharma.

Hongrui currently works and resides in Berlin as a motion designer.


Ray Choo



The Mountain Path Poster 山道 Shifu walking in mountain trail - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


星期六 9月30日 Sat 30 Sep | 4pm

美国 USA | 2021 | 96 min | PG

A spirited young man journeys into the mountains of China in search of a Buddhist hermit master. Along the trail he meets an unexpected cast of dedicated recluses; the gaunt ascetic, the persevering nun, a wise old master and his disciples, all who, despite living far from the world, teach him all about how to live within it.

VANISHING POINT - A monk sweeping the leaves - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


Fri 29 Sep | 6.50pm

Thailand, Netherlands | 2015 | 103 min | M18: Sexual Scenes

The film takes on the experience from a car accident of the director’s parents 32 years ago. It’s a story of two men who each are running away from a suffering of their own, at different times and places.

TUKDAM BETWEEN WORLDS - Researcher in Tibetan monastery - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


Sat 23 Sep | 4.10pm

Finland | 2022 | 91 min | NC16: Some Disturbing Scenes

TUKDAM: BETWEEN WORLDS follows the first ever scientific research into tukdam by neuroscientist Richard Davidson’s team, juxtaposed with intimate death stories of tukdam meditators and Tibetan understandings of the death process – which include ideas about consciousness and the mind-body connection that are very different to those of mainstream science.