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Sat 23 Sep | 1pm
Thu 28 Sep | 6.50pm

Single Cinema Ticket: $15
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France, Liechtenstein and United Kingdom | 1993 | 135 min | PG


Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci


LITTLE BUDDHA is a captivating film by renowned director Bernardo Bertolucci that tells the parallel stories of Jesse, a young boy in modern-day Seattle, and Siddhartha, the prince destined to become the Buddha in ancient India. When a revered Buddhist monk believes Jesse may be the reincarnation of his late teacher, the film explores the transformative power of compassion and the pursuit of Enlightenment. Through captivating visuals and a skillful interweaving of narratives, the movie delves into the essence of Buddhism, drawing parallels between Jesse’s spiritual journey and Siddhartha’s quest for truth.

Directed with mastery by Bernardo Bertolucci, LITTLE BUDDHA is a visually stunning and thought-provoking exploration of faith, cultural identity, and the timeless search for Enlightenment. This 1993 classic features a world famous cast that includes Chris Isaak, Bridget Fonda, Keanu Reeves, and Ying Ruocheng.

Sat 23 Sep | 1pm
Thu 28 Sep | 6.50pm

Single Cinema Ticket: $15
Prices exclude SISTIC booking fees

LITTLE BUDDHA - Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists | Best Cinematography (Vittorio Storaro) | Silver Ribbon | 1994 - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


LITTLE BUDDHA - Movie director Bernardo Bertolucci - THIS Buddhist Film Festival

Bernardo Bertolucci, the Italian director whose films were known for their colourful visual style, was born in Parma, Italy. He attended Rome University and became famous as a poet. He served as assistant director for Pier Paolo Pasolini in the film Accattone (1961) and directed The Grim Reaper (1962). His second film, Before the Revolution (1964), which was released in 1971, received an Academy Award nomination for best screenplay. Bertolucci also received an Academy Award nomination as best director for Last Tango in Paris.


Agathe Mornon
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BUDDHA IN AFRICA - African teens performing kungfu on stage - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


Sun 24 Sep | 11am

Sweden, South Africa | 2019 | 90 min | NC16: Some Nudity

Enock Alu, a Malawian teenager growing up in a Chinese Buddhist orphanage, feels torn between his African roots and Chinese upbringing. Once the star performer with dreams of becoming a martial arts hero like Jet Li, Enock, in his final year of school, has to make some tough decisions about his future. Will he return to his relatives in his home village or study abroad in Taiwan?

REINCARNATION MALL - Monk shopper cart - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


Sat 23 Sep | 6.50pm

Germany | 2023 | 5 min | PG

It’s just a pity that Mr. Grump didn’t collect too many karma points during his life on Earth. Because when he suddenly finds himself in a shopping mall after his death, in which you can buy a new life with exactly these points, he is forced to rethink his entire attitude towards life.

KARMALINK - Boy writing on a digital screen projected on him - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


Sat 23 Sep | 6.50pm

Cambodia, USA | 2021 | 101 min | PG: Some Coarse Language

In the near-future Phnom Penh, the rich and privileged are augmented with nanotech, and new skyscrapers crowd the skyline. In Tralop Bek, a tight-knit community threatened with forced eviction, 13 year-old Leng Heng is having vivid dreams of his past lives. He and his friends are convinced they are meant to find a buried Buddhist statue to save their homes, and they seek out help from a street-smart girl in the neighbourhood, Srey Leak.