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오늘 출가합니다 I LEAVE HOME

Sat 30 Sep | 7pm

Single Cinema Ticket: $15
Prices exclude SISTIC booking fees


South Korea | 2021 | 91 min | NC16: Some Mature Content

Korean with English subtitles

Directed by Kim Sunghwan


Sungmin decides to become a Buddhist monk. He asks his friend Jinwoo to take him to the temple where he will become a monk. On the long-awaited day of departure, Sungmin announces himself to everyone he meets. However, he is absurdly rejected because of his age. Embarrassed, Sungmin goes to another temple with Jinwoo, but this time he is rejected because of his divorce. Two friends with nowhere else to go. Will they be able to enter the temple safely?

Sat 30 Sep | 7pm

Single Cinema Ticket: $15
Prices exclude SISTIC booking fees


I LEAVE HOME - Movie director Kim Sung Hwan - THIS Buddhist Film Festival

Kim Sunghwan directed the documentary The East Flows (1999) and the documentary Kim Jong-tae’s Dream (2002) in the documentary community. After that, he moved to Wonju, Gangwon-do, and worked as a Broadcasting Station Producer. Then, he produced a documentary (2019) directed by Park Joo-hwan’s to continue his career in documentaries and films. Finally, he joined with his college alumni, Producer Park Jun-ho and Producer Lee Im-geol, to direct his first feature film. He pursues works that give us time to reflect on our daily life. His eyes are on the general public, who build their lives by communicating with the world in their own way.


Kim Sunghwan



The Mountain Path Poster 山道 Shifu walking in mountain trail - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


星期六 9月30日 Sat 30 Sep | 4pm

美国 USA | 2021 | 96 min | PG

A spirited young man journeys into the mountains of China in search of a Buddhist hermit master. Along the trail he meets an unexpected cast of dedicated recluses; the gaunt ascetic, the persevering nun, a wise old master and his disciples, all who, despite living far from the world, teach him all about how to live within it.

VANISHING POINT - A monk sweeping the leaves - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


Fri 29 Sep | 6.50pm

Thailand, Netherlands | 2015 | 103 min | M18: Sexual Scenes

The film takes on the experience from a car accident of the director’s parents 32 years ago. It’s a story of two men who each are running away from a suffering of their own, at different times and places.

TUKDAM BETWEEN WORLDS - Researcher in Tibetan monastery - THIS Buddhist Film Festival


Sat 23 Sep | 4.10pm

Finland | 2022 | 91 min | NC16: Some Disturbing Scenes

TUKDAM: BETWEEN WORLDS follows the first ever scientific research into tukdam by neuroscientist Richard Davidson’s team, juxtaposed with intimate death stories of tukdam meditators and Tibetan understandings of the death process – which include ideas about consciousness and the mind-body connection that are very different to those of mainstream science.