The Mindful Revolution (sold out)

MON 19 SEP  | 7:15pm  /  Singapore Premiere

58 mins
Multiple languages with English subtitles
Directors: Samuel Stefan & Nick Oakley


the_mindful_revolution_still_3_webIt sounds like the perfect antidote to our hectic lives: less stress, better concentration, increased productivity. No wonder mindfulness meditation has become an attractive addition to the boardroom agenda for global giants like Google and SAP. Backed up by science, corporate organisations are rapidly turning to mindfulness to help develop their business model.

The Mindful Revolution takes a critical look behind the façade of this global corporate phenomenon to reveal a series of burning ethical issues about the values of our economic system.

Is mindfulness a way for businesses to simply boost their profits and productivity? Or does this revolution offer an opportunity to change the way our businesses operate, creating a more equal and fair society?

Director’s Bio

the_mindful_revolution_still_7webSamuel Stefan holds a Master of Science in Psychology and has a broad range of filmmaking experience in writing, directing, producing and editing. He lives and works near Berne, Switzerland as an independent filmmaker and a lecturer in psychology. Besides working on documentary projects, he is a freelance director and editor for commercials, image films and TV reality series.

Nick Oakley is a freelance filmmaker and camera operator based in Manchester, UK. He is also studying part-time for an MA in Film & Television at The University of Warwick, UK. Having learnt his trade through working on a number of UK dramas, international documentaries and feature films, Nick’s passion is for developing independent documentary ideas which explore the boundaries between authenticity and performance.

Director’s Statement

In 2009, I came across the mindfulness method developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. I found this immediately appealing because it offered an opportunity to explore meditation without prescription or dogma. As a psychologist, I am aware of the well-documented empirical effects of mindfulness-based meditation in dealing with stress and psychological disorders.

But the hype around mindfulness in the business world poses some questions for me. How is a mindful life possible in an economic world ruled by inequality and competition? Could mindfulness meditation inadvertently perpetuate this state of being, by creating a sense of harmony within the confines of the system in which it operates?

It is with these questions in mind that I investigated behind the scenes of the global phenomenon of mindfulness.

Samuel Stefan