Journey From Zanskar (sold out)

SUN 18 SEP  | 5:00pm  /  Singapore Premiere

USA 2010
90 mins
PG13 (Brief Nudity)
Multiple languages with English subtitles
Director: Frederick Marx
There will be a post-screening discussion with a film representative


img02_webOne of the last places on Earth where the original Tibetan Buddhist way of life still exists, Zanskar’s inaccessibility and isolation have protected it from cultural change. Two monks select 17 children aged 4 to 12 who will separate from their families for most of their lives to receive education, so that their cultural heritage will not be lost. With yaks and horses, they embark on an almost impossible ten-day trek through the deep snow of the Himalayas.

With a guest appearance by the Dalai Lama himself, this remarkable journey witnesses the amazing resilience of the people of Zanskar. See them laugh in the face of crushing disappointment; hear the children sing while riding into a dangerous, unknown future.

Director’s Bio

img04_webNFrederick Marx is an internationally acclaimed, Oscar and Emmy nominated producer/director with 35 years in the film business. He was named a Chicago Tribune Artist of the Year for 1994, a 1995 Guggenheim Fellow, and a recipient of a Robert F. Kennedy Special Achievement Award. Hoop Dreams (1994) is his first documentary film exploring the welfare of teenage boys.

Along with Journey from Zanskar, his interest in foreign cultures is reflected in PBS’ international human rights program Out Of The Silence (1991) and the widely acclaimed personal essay Dreams From China (1989).  Marx, a true maverick who dedicated his life to the making and promotion of independent films, continues to provide a voice of artistic and social integrity.

Director’s Statement

“How far would you go to save your dying culture?”

“Sometimes you have to give up your kids in order to save them.”

It took a long journey to arrive at the simplicity of those two statements, but the film didn’t start out with them as the central ideas.

The story of the trek as it appears in the film is our story too. The uncertainties, the cold, the disappointments, the fears – those were ours too. There were times in the two years prior to completion when, overwhelmed with anxiety and stress over how I was going to finish the film, I would drop my head to my desk and weep. The one thing that always pulled me through was the film itself.