From A Pimple To Nirvana

SAT 24 SEP  | 10:30am  /  Singapore Premiere

130 mins
NC16 (Coarse Language)
Thai with English subtitles
Director: Amorn Harinnitisuk
There will be a post-screening discussion with the Director


Alone in her room, 20-year-old Nuknik wallows in her frustrations with her divorced parents and a failed relationship with her boyfriend. She attempts to commit suicide, but gets distracted by a large pimple on her nose. Being obsessed with how others view her, the discovery of her pimple sets Nuknik on a journey into the imperfections of the world and herself, where she battles with the core of her existence.

With slight horror elements, this experimental film is a mirror for the modern viewer to recognise our restless state of anxiety, the constant preoccupation with our self image, and the vicious cycle of being caught up in our self-absorbed neurosis.

Director’s Bio

Film-Photo-3_webPrior to being a filmmaker, Amorn Harinnitisuk was an avant-garde creative director during his 19 years of TV work. He directed commercials for international advertising agencies Saatchi & Saatchi, and Ogilvy & Mather. After that, he devoted his creative energies to making experimental films such as Made in Heaven (2008), and Sperm Saves the World (2010) which was in competition at I’ve Seen Films IFF in Italy and was screened at Gogolfest in Ukraine. He went on to develop feature films, one of which is Doggod & Full Water (2011).